Life is an incurable sexually transmitted disease! ;o)

The quote above was something that Deepak Chopra said in the movie I watched last night. There was a lot of great information that I need to interpret as my notes are pretty messy. I was taking the notes in the dark and was sometimes not able to remember all of the words I wanted. I’ve ordered the movie and will watch it again as there is so much to get all at once.

I wanted to tell a cute story about my dog Ginger–I’ll add her picture at some point under “pictures”.

Yesterday, as I was doing my errands around the house, I started thinking about the outside errands I still needed to do: grocery shopping, picking up water, etc… As soon as I thought this, my dog started jumping like she does when I’m getting dressed to go out and she’s coming with me–i.e. I have her leash in my hand. I still had the laundry basket in my arms and I wasn’t even dressed to go out! It was spooky and cute at the same time. We’ve finally bonded!

Ginger was a year old rescue dog when I got her a year and a half ago, she obviously did not have a lot of people contact as she didn’t necessarily want to be around people–she wasn’t scared–she was almost stand-offish, and she had little or no training of any kind. Can you imagine a fully grown dog with no training (75 lbs)!? The liking people thing came pretty easily, but her learning to respect and trust me came slowly. I have noticed over the past few months– especially since I had to put my other dog, Ceilidh, down–that Ginger has been listening to me more/better, but didn’t realize exactly how far she has come until yesterday.

Also, I had the back gate open and she didn’t run away! She waited at the gate for me. This is the first time she EVER did that. Do you know how many times I’ve had to chase her across busy streets or down the back lanes where I live?!? I was so proud of her!

When I first got her I saw that she had tons of potential and that’s what I told people, it’s nice to know that my instincts are/were right! And she reads my mind too!


C. – April 18, 2009


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