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Wishcast Wednesday: What do you wish to have?

Today is Wishcast Wednesday with Jamie Ridler, and the question is “What do you wish to have?”

This question is actually one of the hardest, yet easiest questions for me to answer. It’s easy, because we are constantly being bombarded with items we need to have in our life to make our life the best ever! Commercials, magazine ads, billboards, just about everywhere we look! So…I can come up with a list of items I wish to have as long as my arm in minutes.

The difficult part for me is believing it’s okay to have items.


Should we want to have items? If we are spiritual, is it sacrilege to want to have “items”? The other hard part for me, is my faith teaching is such that, as part of the energy of the universe, we already have everything we need and to receive we only need to tune in to the Vibrational Energy of the Universe to receive and trust that the Spiritual energy will provide. Of course, I have difficulties asking for anything. Did I ever tell you how independent I am???

But, then again, is that really the question means? Does it have to mean some “thing”? You see the way my mind works…constant yin yang.

So…I choose to answer the question this way…”I wish to have the wisdom to trust that my life is good, I am healthy, happy, and every need is fulfilled easily, peacefully, and gracefully.” And so it is!



Friday – What made me happy this week?

Twice this week, I had people say “I miss you–let’s talk”. One is a great friend of mine who I chat with regularly and the other was a friend from work who I hadn’t had a chance to talk to for months–she’s in a different city from me.

Both conversations were full of laughter, sharing, and positiveness (is that a word?).

I am very blessed by the good friends I have who cheer and champion me!!


We Create What we Focus On

Hi everyone,

It’s really been a long time since I’ve written anything. I, unfortunately, got stuck in a severe rut of self-doubt, exhaustion, anxiety, self-pity, and many other feelings of lack. I will need to look at the reasons why I have been, or put myself into, the type of situation that seems to bring out these types of feelings–it revolves around a certain type of person who seems to stifle me. Be it in a job, in a relationship, or other situation, every time I think I’ve dealt with why, and feel I’m a stronger person and ready to “take on” this type of person, I always, slowly, seem to fall back into a place of cocooning–shutting down and out.

My intent to write today is not due to the above because I’m really sick of that focus–on the “negative”–I want to focus on the positive! And create more of that in my life!

I’m changing my focus on the fact that I feel I’m getting back on track again and feeling pretty good overall. I still have a way to go…and I still have personal development/growth that I’m focusing on, but I feel like I’m moving forward, upward, onward!!!

I intend to write here more often, and try to grow the blog into some…thing…

I’m not sure what yet, but I’m going to take a class on “developing your own website”, and… looking at other blogs, and other creative people, I feel I have something to offer. I did a bit of redesigning the look of the blog page today and I’m liking the new look! What do you think?

I’m excited for my future, tomorrow, the next day, and the next…what great thing does God/Spirit/Presence have in store for me? What great thing will I accomplish next?

Bring it on (gently please)! I can!

(And if I haven’t already mentioned it…Yes!…I do LOVE exclamation marks!!)

Wishcast Wednesday – What rules do I wish to Make or Break?

Thanks to Andrea for asking me to join this–love this idea!! I’m joining Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler!

I wish to break the rule that beauty is determined by the media and make the rule that beauty is determined by us (real humans)!!!