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Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish for your well-being?

Wishcast Wednesday’s  question this week is: What to you wish for your well-being?

This is such a great question, but I didn’t have an answer right away and then it came to me…what is it that I have been trying to focus on lately to get on with my life?

I have been in a rut lately, focusing more on what I don’t have, what I can’t afford, what I don’t look like. I realize that this in no way promotes what I do want and have been doing a lot of self-work and self-talk to try to remove those feelings of lack or self-doubt. So…

What I wish for my well-being is the removal of self-doubt, anxiety about my future, feelings of lack, and negative self-talk from my personal repertoire. I wish to have peace of mind, knowing that my life is full, abundant, prosperous, and my future is bright.

Thank you!!!


Wishcast Wednesday – What fun do you wish to have?

I love the prompts for Wishcast Wednesday–they really make me think about the life I’m leading and the life I’m moving toward.

Also, wanted to point out that I finally finished my Creative Dreamer 100 list–and I actually went more than 100! More to follow on that in a future post.

This a great question! But, of course, my mind starts thinking about what fun “feels” like. I think about fun being light, easy, flowing…And, unfortunately, that’s not how I feel right now. Not to say I haven’t had or don’t have fun, but it’s a reserved kind of fun.

So…to answer the prompt…I wish to have the light, free, and easy feeling of enjoying myself in many different circumstances–to let go of worrying how I look on the outside (or specifically, worrying about what others might think about what I look like) and just BE me!

And so it is!

Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish to nourish?

Another Wishcasting Wednesday and another great wish – “What do you wish to nourish?”

Again, this is an easy wish as it seems to flow so much from last week’s wish of leaping into the full commitment of taking care of my body. So…

I wish to nourish my body with what it needs to be at it’s best–nutritious foods in the quantity it needs, solid restful sleep, fresh air, exercise, and loving it for all that it does for me.

Wishcast Wednesday – What leap do wish to take?

Time again for Wishcast Wednesday. This week’s prompt is a fabulous one. What leap do you wish to take?

There are sooooo many leaps I wish I could take, but I think the most important one for me is the full commitment to my health by eating foods that heal, energize, and help to reduce the 100+ lbs I feel I need to lose. I have just found it so hard to get out of this comfort “rut” that I’m in and I get going and then feel like I get “sucked back in” to my rut.

Other leaps I wish to take:
– Be a public speaker
– Be a mom (although time is really quickly slipping away)
– Walk a marathon or bike a marathon
– Find my loving soul mate
– Remove the “lack” phrases in my head that keep my income and expenditures to a level that I live pay cheque to pay cheque. I want to have money come to me easily and to make money spending decisions that reflect my best life and values.

There are more, but these are the ones that keep me up at night, sometimes.

Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish to know?

This week’s Wishcast is “What do you wish to know?” Did I tell you how much I love these weekly prompts???

What I wish to know is actually – What I wish to know for sure.

That I am fully supported by the Universe. That I will succeed in my dreams and live my best life. That my life is good and purposeful even if it isn’t any where near the life I had expected as I was growing up.

I do know these things mostly but lately I’ve been going through some things that have left me with feelings of doubt about my future. I know that I have not always made the best choices for me and my life–and unfortunately still do not make choices for my “best life” when I should.

I just want that complete faith that it’s all going to be all right and that I’m okay, my life has purpose, and my future is bright.

Have a great week!

Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish for your space?

Wednesday again, and the Wishcast question for May 26th is “What do you wish for your space?” (I’m a week late as I was off work sick all of last week and barely moved from my bed or couch).

This is an easy question for me to answer as I found the answer a couple of years ago.

I wish my space to be decorated in a way that shows my authentic style, and it has to be relaxing and comfortable. I want it to “say”, “yes” to me when I see it. For me to feel enveloped. My sanctuary.

At the time that I realized this is what I want for my space, I was taking a course with a friend from my Spiritual home–her site is here ABC Creativity, and she’s fabulous! We were doing some goal setting around some specific topics and one of the topics was “Home”. And in doing the exercise, it came to me “I want my space decorated in my authentic style”–as I had been using hand me down furniture, light-colored paint, “it’ll do” type of “decorating” for so long that I did not feel any inspiration or real sense of comfort in my home. I had barely put pictures on the wall even after living in my house for 6+ years. I guess I got in a rut of waiting to be living in my “perfect” house. The only room in the house that reflected me was my bedroom.

While take the course with Andrea, I realized that I didn’t have to wait–I could make my current house as perfect as I could.

What started me thinking was Andrea asked me “What is your authentic style?” And I responded, “I don’t know”.

I thought that my “authentic” style would encompass light and light reflecting but neutral colors–maybe kind of beachy/cottagey–and I still do love that style (I just recently redid my basement and downstairs half bath in that style). But the first room I redid after my realization was my living room and it’s actually done in a dark curry color on the walls (who knew that was coming?), with heavy dark sage drapes, dark wooden furniture accessories, large seating furniture, large colorful wall art, etc.–and I love it! It’s completely different from anything I’ve done anyplace I’ve ever lived. I call it “South African Plantation–1800’s”, I’m not sure why. I hope to bring that kind of “old world” style into the rest of my mail floor and slowly transition into a lighter color theme as I go into second floor where my bedroom, study, and office/craft rooms are. The second floor I wish to be peaceful, relaxing, and yet inspiring–and that’s the scheme that’s slowly developing as well.

My outside home work space (cubicle), however, has colorful posters, inspirational messages, and pictures of my pets–I guess because I can’t do anything about the color of the cubicle walls which are a neutral “cafe au lait”.

Have a great week!!!