My Intention This Week – Trusting

I think that, too often, I live unconsciously and don’t focus inward to my core enough–I only focus inward so far and get stuck in thinking of the past or hopes for the future.  So…in order to try to align with my instinct, my inner “knowing”, I’m trying to participate in a few on-line activities that I believe will help me with that.

One of these gifts is being shared by my beautifully creative friend, Andrea Schroeder–setting a Weekly Intention.

When I looked inward and thought about the space that I needed to live in this week (not just this week, but it’s a start…) what came to me was “trust in the process”. 
So that’s where I’m going to try to focus myself back to this week.  Trusting that there is a higher power that helps to guide me toward my “best life” and that when I listen to my body and my mind magic happens.



4 responses to “My Intention This Week – Trusting

  1. >What a powerful intention…it is a space where magic happens, because you are magical. Light to your amazing intention manifesting in your life.

  2. >that is gorgeous ceanne.

  3. >Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful intention. I look forward to hearing how trusting in the process plays out in your life.Love your blog!

  4. >Great intention, trust is hard but we all need to have some. Here's to an amazing trust field week.

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