Receiving Project – Day 3 – Love Bomb

Another day and another great gift.  I was reading my Sunday e-mail from Andrea at ABC Creativity and noticed that she wrote about something called Love Bomb

If you’ve been following at all, you may have noticed or felt that I’ve been doing a lot of inner work lately.  I’ve felt I needed to cocoon a bit to grow and mature in where I’m at–and this has been good for me.  One of the problems I’ve had is that I am a joiner, “pick me, pick me”, and the first person to put my  hand up if something needs doing, but I’ve not been doing that AT ALL.  I’ve kept my hands down, not offered anyone much of myself as I know that I need to focus on myself.   But…I still want to be a part of this world, help where I can so, when I saw what Love Bomb was about, I knew it was the perfect fit–a way to help people from where I’m at.  Through my computer, my words, my thoughts…
So this is a huge gift for me! 
Here’s how it works…once a week, participants are provided a “mission” someone who needs some special love, to know how important they are in the world, how much they are needed, some LOVE!!!  And we all get together and send that special person our own personal brand of love.  Simple but soooo necessary.  We live in this global world where we are so attached through technology but there are so many people who are very lonely and needing connection with the world.  We can do that!
I love this!

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