Weekly Intention – Trust

I have started many blog posts over the past few weeks but when I read them over, have found that they don’t contain the vibe I hope to be creating with this blog.  The last several weeks have found me very tired, lacking energy and motivation, and not as positive as I’d like to be.  I certainly understand that we all go through these types of periods from time to time and I also believe I know why this is affecting me now.  I just wanted to share this as I have not been writing as many posts as I would have hoped over the last several weeks.

So…this leads me to this week’s intention–thanks Andrea!!.  I’m still sticking with the same “theme” of trust, faith, believing…as I’m going through a situation at work with a duty to accommodate for me.  I have had environmental/chemical sensitivities since I was a teenager but over the last 20 years has progressively gotten worse.  I now have an issue at work that I need to have accommodated but the process has been more onerous that I thought it would be. This situation has also caused me more stress than I would have liked it to–hence the trust, faith, believing intentions.  I know that my life is heading in the “right” direction for me to live me best life and that any perceived obstacle by me is a part of the process.  The problem is that as a human being, I tend to be more reactionary than my spiritual being is. 
So…I am sending my trust, faith, and belief into the Universe, knowing that it’s response to me is my best life! 

One response to “Weekly Intention – Trust

  1. >I am believing with you !!! xoxox hugs

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