Weekly Intention – Clarity

A big thanks to Andrea for this reminder of setting my intention every week!!

This week’s intention is for  C L A R I T Y.  So that I may see more clearly what I need to be doing on a daily basis to live my best life.  And for the clarity I need to see where I’m going.
I’ve been very sick this last week with a head and chest cold that has really knocked me on my keester.  Although, I am physically feeling a lot better the remnants of the cold are still here to remind me to be kind to myself and not push myself too hard or feel guilty for what is or has not been done around the house.
But, over the last several days, I’ve been “puttering”.  Doing things that are not necessarily on my “to do” list but are little things that have been bothering me.  For example, today I went into my “junk drawer” in the kitchen–I can’t even remember what I went in there for–and decided to weed through it.  I had accumulated a lot of “junk” that I didn’t even need.  How  many key rings does one person need?  Not the fancy attachments to the rings, just the rings themselves–they may be useful I guess.  NOT!!  I  probably threw away and/or moved half of the items in the drawer so I only have what I want to have stored in there.  I’m a fairly organized person so there were already small plastic baskets in the drawer so there’s some semblance of order and now they are all just much cleaner.  It really didn’t take long, but it sure felt great to have it done.
As I look around my home, there are a few other nooks and cranny’s that probably need the same treatment and I’ll get to those soon while I’m in this “puttering” phase.
Also, I feel like, in many ways, I’ve been living too unconsciously again.  Avoiding, addictive behaviour has been more normal for me lately than I’d like to believe or admit.  So, I’m admitting it here…
If I am more clear about my life and to live my “best life” I need to be making better, clear, choices that reflect the person I want to be and not the person inside of me who wants to keep me where I am…
I also found this journal software program that I really like.  It’s great to have this blog to “talk on” but there are often lots of personal, private things that I am working on and my writing is so messy when I’m trying to get so much out that it’s hard to read and I forget things.  The software allows me to still have a beautiful and creative place to write my private thoughts.  I think that journalling is also a great way to clear the path…
Thanks as always to anyone who “listens”!

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