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Wishcast Wednesday – What is your winter wish?

Bless Jamie Ridler for her weekly Wishcast prompt (and her other endeavors as well)!

I wasn’t sure I was going to join in this week because when I saw the prompt, my mind drew a complete blank…confused really…”how do I answer that?”  But…I thought, I really need to go to the other Wishcasters and give them my support by commenting on their blogs.  And then when I was reading the other Wishcaster’s words, it came to me what my Winter Wish is…
At this holiday time my mind so often goes to the “catch phrases” of the season because I really believe them to be important.
I wish for Peace on Earth, kindness toward others, joy, love, comfort, care…the list goes on and on…
Also, as winter is really a time for hibernation for nature and, as I live in one of the coldest provinces in Canada, I tend to spend a lot of time indoors “rebuilding” in the winter.  So…I wish for rest, rejuvenation, creative time with myself, reflecting, learning, growing, and treating myself with “extreme self-care”.
And, I also wish the above for anyone who may need it.
Bless all the Wishcasters and all who wish for a better life!
When we make a world tolerable for yourself, you make a world tolerable for others.  – Anais Nin
The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.  – Anais Nin
They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.  In their grey visions they obtain glimpses of eternity.  – Edgar Allan Poe

Weekly Intention – Let go

Thanks to Andrea Schroeder for setting up Weekly Intention – What do I need this week?

This week, I feel like I need to “let go”.  I have a few things that have been troubling me and I know that thinking of how they trouble me only keeps me in that frame of mind, so I need to let go of the troubling thoughts, or else turn them on their a$$ to see them in a more positive light.
One of the things I need to let go of, but struggle with letting go of, is a relationship I have with one of my brother’s.  It’s just become hard to be around him.  I feel judged negatively, I feel like he can’t see who I really am, and I feel mad about this.  I have an idea of what may have caused this negativity from him–a family difficulty from 10 years ago and how we both dealt with my father’s passing–but I have tried to talk to him about it and he says there’s nothing to talk about.  Yet…I get rolling eyes when I speak up in a conversation around him, or laughing to himself–little things that hurt me, and I wish they didn’t.  I have tried distancing myself more from him but this hasn’t helped, because just about every time I’m around him there is some sign (eyes, grunt, laugh) that hurts me again.  And…I’m sick of being hurt.  Of course, I know that the fact that I’m hurt has to do with me and not with him.  I can’t change him, I can only change me and how I react.  But…it’s family…and it’s hard…as there are so few of us.  So, even though I know I need to not let his actions bother me they do, and I don’t seem to know how to stop feeling hurt or angry.  I’ve tried to love him, and prayed about sending love to this conflict as I know that love can heal this but again, I can only do this for myself and lately the scale of anger and hurt is heavier than the love.
I also need to let go of my thinking that I struggle with money.  I know that this thinking also keeps me in that state of mind–struggling.  And since that is not where I want to be, I need to flip it.  Struggle means:  battle, effort so the opposite of struggle would be peace, or ease.  So…”I am at peace with money!”  “Money is easy for me!”And, finally, I’m letting go of my hair (again).  I’m getting my hair cut into a very, very short pixie tomorrow–similar to the picture at the top of this page.  Right now, my hair is approx. shoulder length, but it gets in my eyes, in my face and when I look at myself in the mirror, it just feels and looks HEAVY.  This happens to me quite often when I decide to grow my hair so I just cut it off again.  I love, love, love my short hair but keeping it short can be expensive so I might just have to go with getting it cut with a razor by my friend.  Well…we’ll see about that.  Hello easy hair!!

Hope everyone’s week is the best ever!!!
Happy, happy holidays to all, however you celebrate this season of love, peace, and harmony!!

Weekly Intention – Joy

TheFantabulous Andrea Schroeder from ABC Creativity sends a reminder every week to set an intention. I’m so very grateful for people like her who help to remind me of where I’m heading!

Last week, my intention was to luxuriate in my rest and enjoy the energy when it came and I pretty much have followed that.  My house is slowly coming together–not that it’s that bad, just not quite where I want it to be and a few more days and it should be back to “normal”–whatever that is.
I also had an intention of looking for and being “joy” and I also had a few moments of that too. I set up my Christmas tree–and I really love it!  This year I didn’t use garland or ribbon just all of my tree decorations and covered the branches!  I think it’s great!
And…I never do this but when I saw this outfit at the dollar store, could not help myself…
This is a picture of my dog, Ruby.  She definitely brings joy into my life.  She is the sweetest temperament, full of joy–always has been.  She is confident, happy, and loving–just like I wish to be, well, am getting there.
So, I will continue to look for joy wherever it may be.  Inside of me and around me.
Have a great week!

Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish to transform?

Jamie Ridler’s Wishcraft prompts are so inspiring and life changing.  If you’re interested, here’s how they work…

What do you wish to transform?
You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy. Answer the wish prompt above on your blog and then add a direct link to your post in the box below. Support wishes by visiting other participants, leaving a comment saying “As (insert name) wishes for her/himself, so I wish for her/him also.” It’s that simple. There is great power in wishing together. Let the magic begin!
This is a very “simple” wish but hard to put “out there” for the world to know.  I wish to transform my financial present and future…the way I think of the money I make, how I spend it, save it (or haven’t), how I can use it to help grow my best life.
My family history with money is mixed, my parents both grew up in the depression and they had/have memories of money always seeming to be hard to come by. 
We grew up, not poor, but seemingly”lacking”, we couldn’t buy milk because it was so expensive so we had powdered milk (yuck, none of us would drink it), most of our meals were comprised of ground beef as a base, we couldn’t buy the “cool” jeans for the start of school–only the knockoffs, etc.  At the time I didn’t realize it, but it was an atmosphere of lack–“we can’t afford that”.  So…that seems to be my reality.  I spend a lot of my money unconsciously without regard to the future I wish to have and often have a feeling of missing out on some really great opportunities because I don’t have the finances to take part.  I know that a lot of my financial difficulties are because of my attitude and not because of the amount of money I bring into my household–I do make enough money to support myself very well. 
One of my brother’s seems to spend  his money similar to me–he makes a decent wage but does not necessarily save or think of the future when spending day to day.  My other brother has not made as much in his earlier years–makes a decent wage now–but has always taken care of his finances in a way that supports his life so that he can live it pretty much how he wants.  Not sure how children that grew up the same way can be so different, and how one brother learned the financial lesson so well–even as a child–but myself and my other brother just didn’t “get” it.
So…I wish to transform my financial consciousness to know that I CAN and DO support myself and my hopes and my dreams very well.  I can save to support my future goals.  I can have a budget that pays my living expenses easily and with gratitude for having a house/home to live and thrive in.  So I can live in a way that “supports my life pretty much how I want”.

 Beauty doesn’t lie in the expenditure of much money, but in the artistic disposition of little.
– The Charm of the Unexpected

Prayer and housekeeping–they go together.  They have always gone together.  We simply know that our daily round is how we live.  When we clean and order our homes, we are somehow cleaning and ordering ourselves.  – Gunilla Norris
Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like no one is watching.  – Satchel Paige
Thank you.  As everyone wishes for themselves, I truly, truly wish for them as well!


Weekly Intention – Luxuriate, Joy

Andrea Schroeder sends out a reminder every week to set an intention for the upcoming week.

Here’s mine this week…
If you’ve been reading for a while, then you know that I’ve been struggling with exhaustion and low-energy for a while.  I’ve found out why I’ve been so tired (sleep apnea) and have been given a CPAP machine to help with that.  Although there has been some progress it hasn’t been as fast as I would have liked.  So…this week, instead of being frustrated with the progress I’m going to luxuriate in my rest so that I really enjoy it and also relish the energy that comes in fits and spurts lately–so that I wring every second of joy out of that too!
My house is slowly coming together again.  When I was so tired it was hard to keep up with the tidying, etc.  It’s not TOO bad but not where I’d like it to be, but it’s getting there.  I’m going to enjoy the clean and tidy rooms around my house too.
And…I’m going enjoy the process of setting up my Christmas tree and putting out my decorations.  I have ALWAYS LOVED the Christmas season and the joy, peace, and spirit of it.  But over the last few years that has stopped for several reasons.  One of them is because the spiritual practice I was following didn’t really support/follow it.  The other is more personal…when I was a child I LOVED Christmas, I used to get so excited that I could hardly sleep and very seldom slept well on Christmas Eve.  I would wake in the morning and sneak downstairs to see what Santa had brought me and play quietly (I think I was quiet), until the rest of the family was up. 
I guess I really just felt so loved by the presents I received and was so excited to see what had been wrapped up just for me.  Also, it was a time of family.  We spent the time with cousins, aunt, uncle and much loved grandparents.  When my grandmother died, a big part of Christmas died with her for me–our family just didn’t seem to know how to fill the void she left behind.  Either at Christmas or any other time of year.  She was a woman filled with the joy of her family and also loved Christmas and would be as excited as I was.  Over the years, my brother’s and I have gotten older and set in our ways and the joy has gone out of the Christmas time.  I don’t know how to bring it back–well, I can’t bring it back for my family, but I can for myself.
So, here’s to the joy of the season.  I’m going to decorate my house this week in all my crazy decorations and my work cubicle.  Because I LOVE to do that, it’s one way I share the joy of the season with others.  And…I’m going to do some baking, and all of the other things I used to do to relish in this time of year.
Okay…now I feel like going out and buying presents…
With joy in my heart…

Wishcast Wednesday – Where do you wish to go slow?

Jamie Ridler’s Wishcast prompt this week is Where do you wish to go slow?

Before I respond I want to make mention of my father as today would have been his 82nd birthday.  My father, papa, passed suddenly on Valentine’s Day, 2003–he just sat down and passed away.  Although he was 74 at the time and not in great health it was still a blow to us kids and my mom.  We still miss him so much but know he’s with us in Spirit…Love you dad!!
Here’s a tattoo I got in commemoration of my father.  I had it tattooed on what would have been his 80th birthday.  It is Chinese lettering for “papa” as that’s what I called him often and then wings to signify his spirit.  And, I also put a picture of my papa taken a couple of years before he passed…
When I was looking through the pictures I also found this favorite picture of mine of my parents when they were dating and thought I’d share…
Soo…back to “reality”…
In response to Jamie’s prompt, “Where do you wish to go slow?”.  I wish to go slow to enable me to enjoy the love of people I am close with, so that I may keep them in my heart.
I wish to slowly savor life, the beauty of life, the beauty of nature as my father taught me to do–to treat nature with respect.
I wish to go slow with life.  As we age, the hours, days, weeks, months, years just seem to go by so very fast.  I wish for the long, slow days of my childhood when it seemed the days stretched on forever…sometimes I thought the anticipation of something great would just about kill me–I can just see myself with my arms wrapped around myself with a big smile on my face, excited, waiting…  I wish to feel that type of anticipation again.
Blessings.  As you all wish for yourself, so I truly wish for you!!