Weekly Intention – Joy

TheFantabulous Andrea Schroeder from ABC Creativity sends a reminder every week to set an intention. I’m so very grateful for people like her who help to remind me of where I’m heading!

Last week, my intention was to luxuriate in my rest and enjoy the energy when it came and I pretty much have followed that.  My house is slowly coming together–not that it’s that bad, just not quite where I want it to be and a few more days and it should be back to “normal”–whatever that is.
I also had an intention of looking for and being “joy” and I also had a few moments of that too. I set up my Christmas tree–and I really love it!  This year I didn’t use garland or ribbon just all of my tree decorations and covered the branches!  I think it’s great!
And…I never do this but when I saw this outfit at the dollar store, could not help myself…
This is a picture of my dog, Ruby.  She definitely brings joy into my life.  She is the sweetest temperament, full of joy–always has been.  She is confident, happy, and loving–just like I wish to be, well, am getting there.
So, I will continue to look for joy wherever it may be.  Inside of me and around me.
Have a great week!

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