My 12 Random Things…

So I heard there are a group of people……who are posting 12 random things about themselves and I thought I’d join in…

1. I LOVE Cinnamon! When I make apple pies (which doesn’t happen too often) I always use about 4 or 5 times more than the recipe calls for–and I LOVE it! The smell of it is kind of an aphrodisiac to me for some reason…That might be MORE than you want to know ;o)

2. My favorite movie of all time is Forest Gump–First, it has Tom Hanks in it who I LOVE, and second, I love all of the history that’s in it too–how Forest keeps showing up at all these random places.

3. I love to chew ice–always have. And I love my water to be AS COLD AS POSSIBLE, it even gives me a brain freeze sometimes, but I still love it that way.

4. My very first boyfriend’s name was Chip–is that so very 70’s or what!!!  Okay, I was only 7 years old and he might not of really be my “boy friend” but he did kiss me!

5. When I meet a man who has red hair, it just about makes me swoon. I LOVE red hair on anyone, but on a man it does me in and I’m in love…

6. I have a secret desire to become a vegetarian–I think I might do it soon too because I keep hearing more and more about the meat and poultry industry and it’s starting to get to me.

7. I can’t seem to grow my fingernails long. I have weak fingernails and they split and crack before they get very long. I’ve always been envious of people who could grow beautiful nails–not too long, but at least past their own fingers.

8. I’ve always crafted. I sewed in junior high school, learned to knit before I was 10, taught myself to crochet when I was in my 20’s, and will try just about anything once–crafting-wise that is.

9. I used to bug my mother to have another child after me so that I could have someone to pick on. My brother’s used to pick on me relentlessly as my mother started working when I started school and my brother’s were much older and supposed to “look after” me. They used to force me to cook and clean for them. I used to want to have someone that I could boss around–how mean of me! I told my mom that I was sure we could make space in the attic for “her” as she won’t be that big.

10. I collect Unicorns and snowmen. I only have about 6 unicorns but they are all special–I don’t buy them myself. Snowmen I do buy myself, but they have to have a certain “look” about them but because I can’t describe what it is–it’s something that I think I can only see–when I see one I would buy one. I’ve stopped at about 30 because with all of the Christmas ornaments, etc I don’t have enough flat spaces between work and home to put them all out. And I only put them out at Christmas time.

11. I wished I was born earlier so that I could have been an activist in the 60’s for human rights, been around when Martin Luther King and Ghandi were alive. I know there are still so many human rights being violated all over the world, but the 60’s were a time of revolution like never before and since and when I see movies and documentaries about that time, I just wish I was there and involved.

12. I could watch British comedies 24/7. I grew up on the “Carry On” movies, Doctor in the House, the Two Ronnies, etc. I love watching the old shows that are on PBS, Are You Being Served?, As Time Goes On, The Vicar of Dibly, etc., etc. And I watch them over and over and over again.


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