Intention – Prosper

Andrea at ABC Creativity sends out a weekly reminder to set an intention for your week–but that is only the tip of the iceberg of what she does.  Check out her site, she’s fabulous!!

Last week my intention was to “move” into “being”.  Start to do some of the things that are going to serve me best as I move into my yearly intention of BE!–more on that in another post coming out this week.
I had set up a couple of rooms in my house to inspire my creative juices to get flowing–and they have.  I went swimming this week, had a friend over and we did collages together–and gabbed about…everything and nothing.
This week, my intention is to prosper.  I’ve done my budget for the next few months and it didn’t look good at all, so I’m cleaning out some items out of my house that I no longer use or need — and selling on kijiji
Plus I decided to sell baby blankets and afghans, other crocheted items.  I’ve had this plan for a long time but finally put up at least one ad here for baby blankets.  I’m going to do up some other posters and put them around as I love to crochet and people may want to buy them.
A friend and I are also pursuing doing Dream Board classes–we have a few times already lined up and we’re looking at other options too.  All of this has been practically filling my mind the last couple of days but I feel like I’m accomplishing things and “moving” in the right direction.
Thanks as always for listening/reading!
Have a wonderful week!

One response to “Intention – Prosper

  1. >Here's to having a prosperous week for you!

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