Discover Yourself: What is your philosophy of life after death?

Years ago, I gathered up hundreds of journal prompts and put them on labels and into a cute little box for my “Discovery Journal Prompts”. I would then, put my hand into the box and pull out a label at random and that would be the perfect prompt for me for that particular day. Great plans, right???

I haven’t done a thing with them since…until now! Welcome to my Discovery Journal Prompt! If you’d like a badge to put on your page, please go here.

Here’s today’s…

What is your philosophy of life after death?
Okay, a deeeeep subject this week.  Interesting that today is my birthday and were looking at life after death on a day that I am celebrating my life.

The answer to this question is so subjective and I think there must be as many answers to this question as there are people on Earth.  I, myself, have believed a few things in my life–depending on which religious faith I was following at the time.

At this point in my life, I am not following a particular religious doctrine because there is not one that I have found that seems to teach what I believe about spiritualism.  I believed that after death people are reincarnated on the Earth again to live another life.  I have believed that we go to Heaven after we die and that we live a perfect life after we pass on–if we lived a “good” life on Earth.  If we did not life a “good” life then we go to Hell for all eternity.  I absolutely do NOT believe that any longer!!!  I actually do not believe in “Heaven” or “Hell” as I was taught when I was younger.  I do not believe in “Hell” at all.  I do believe in a form of `Heaven` but only on this plain of existence, not in the hereafter–it`s what you make of your life here on Earth that determines who you live; in `Heaven` or someplace darker.

I think there is a part of me that still believes in reincarnation to some degree.  I like the thought of us being “humans having a spiritual existence” and that each time we come to Earth we learn more an more about true spiritualism (whatever that is–wink).  I like the idea that if we live a completely unconscious existence on Earth and are about victimhood then we live a very unhappy life and we get a chance to have a “redo” and get it more right. 

I do believe there is something after we pass, that Earth is not all there is, but the fact is I don’t have a true belief in what really happens.

I can tell you the one experience I had when my father passed away and how close I felt to him after he passed away.  I felt him with me while I was grieving–not in human or ghost form, just his presence near me.  I talked to him a lot and felt (didn’t hear) him talking back to me.  I can still feel him with me when I think of him and call him to mind, `what would dad think of this?`

The last religious philosophy that I followed teaches that we all return to the Universal Energy that everything is created from.  That’s probably the closest to what I believe happens–that explains to me how my father was so close to me, he was all around me and he was me to some extent.  If that makes sense to anyone I’m not sure but it does to me.

Have a great week!!


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