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Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish for this summer?


Care melts when you kneel in your garden.  – Unknown


It’s been a few weeks since I participated in Wishcast Wednesday and I’m glad to participate again. 

I had a minor, elective surgery a few weeks ago and the recovery was a little harder than I expected and it really kind of stopped my world a little bit.

But…I’m pretty much back to “normal” again and touching base again!

This week, Jamie Ridler asks,

What do you wish for this summer?

It’s nice to take this time to reflect on my short-term goals and to put them in writing…what I wish for is:

  • Continuing on my health recovery journey by:  eating whole, fresh, and “real” foods, getting out on my bike and biking along the bike paths in the city while getting fresh air exercise, doing my reading and OA Working the Steps.
  • My garden to be cleaned of the weeds that are taking over a bit, the continual growth of my perennials and just playing in the dirt and puttering in my yard and gardens. 
  • I also have several pots with vegetables this year and I hope they grow into healthy, hearty plants that I can add to my salads.
  • I wish to continue the diy work that is needed on my house as my energy and money allows (lifting old, old carpeting, fixing the shower walls, painting walls on the main and upstairs, etc., etc.)
  • Seeing the first of the next generation children in our family getting married and celebrating with him and his new bride.
  • Enjoying the weather when it’s not too hot or raining and enjoying being indoors when it is.
  • Continual creativity by blogging, crocheting, dreamboarding, etc.
  • Spending time with my family and great friends.
  • And just enjoying “being”, living in the moment!

Funny saying I heard recently that made me laugh out loud and gave me a great visual to remind me to live in today…

When you have one foot in yesterday and one in the future then you can only p*ss on today! 

As you all wish for yourselves I wish along with you!