Before and during (pics)

I’ve been on this particular journey to recoverying from compulsive overeating since March of this year.  I’ve made significant changes in my eating lifestyle and have cut out foods that are not good for me and that cause a reaction of wanting more (and more and more and more…).  I am still getting my energy back after carrying around an extra 150+ lbs from my "normal" weight for my height and what I used to weigh in my adult life (until my 30’s).

Although I still have  along way to go emotionally and physically to be where I hope to be–when I get there, hopefully I’ll know ;o)–I wanted to share my journey so far with pictures of what I looked like when I started and what I look like now at 55 lbs down.

 I know that it’s not a HUGE difference, but this is the least I’ve weighed since my father passed away over 8 years ago!  And it’s easier and easier to move this body around in the world and fit into spaces that are meant for "normal" people.

Pictures in green shirt taken shortly after I started Overeater’s Anonymous and MFP, the second pictures, in the orange tye-dye, were taken last week:




4 responses to “Before and during (pics)

  1. You look great! And it is so a HUGE difference. Very noticeable 🙂
    Keep up the good work, you are doing awesome!

  2. You look great! Congrats on all your hard work. My therapist wants me to go to an OA meeting, but I’m so anxious about it that I haven’t done it yet. I’m glad it’s helped you!

    • Thanks Mare. It’s not always an easy decision to go–even now–but I know that treating my overeating as an addiction is definately the way toward my healthy future. Take care!!

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