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Wishcast Wednesday: What change do you wish for?

ahhh….wednesdays…I continually look at the Wishcast prompts but am often too busy to take part.  I decided to join in today…

This week, Jamie Ridler, asks…

What change do you wish for?

A great question that has my thoughts reaching many corners of my mind wondering about my wishes of “change”.  Change for myself? Others? My community?  The world???

I will go with the seemingly natural wish of “Peace”!  This encompasses peace within ourselves, but peace with our family, our peers, our community…there is so much judgement (yes, I’m judging the judgers, ironic, I know), too much finger-pointing, negative talk, bullying, slander, gossiping…I really wish that we, as the human species, would just “get” it that if we want peace everywhere we need to start it with ourselves, which means checking the kind of things that come out of our mouth or even our aura.  Sigh…a HUGE request, I know, but one I truly, truly wish for.

And…that peace includes peace inside my own body, less negative self-talk, more self-love–fewer thoughts of “can’t” and more thoughts of “YES!”

As you all wish for yourself, I truly wish for each and every one of you!!