Kickin’ it Old Skool – Time Capsule

This month I’m…

Old Skool Badge Rounded with stars 250 x 250

with Jamie Ridler and Suzie Ridler.

Today’s prompt is to create a Time Capsule and we’re capturing this moment in time for each of us:

1.  What are you reading?

Right now I’m reading a couple of books, which is normal for me having lots of projects on the go.  You can see what I’m reading by checking out my Goodreads link on the right  hand of the page.  In addition to those books, I’m also reading Creative Journal Writing by Stephanie Dowrick.  I’m really trying to get in the swing of journaling and going inward to paying attention to my intuition.

2. What are you watching?

I’ve recently gotten into some HBO-type shows lately.  Specifically “Masters of Sex”, a tv show about Masters and Johnson.  I also have a guilty-pleasure tv show of Sons of Anarchy.  I’m not sure what really draws me to it, I am a very peaceful person and fast-forward past any violence–I think it takes me back to my previous life of “bad-ass” living.  I also really love some of the music shows such as The Voice and dancing shows such as Dancing with the Stars.

3. What are you listening to?

I’m currently listening to previous contestants of The Voice–their versions of songs that I really liked.  I also really love 60’s rock music.  There’s a part of me that is very definitely a hippie even though it happened just before my time.  I also love very unique-sounding artists like Macy Gray who are not so very main-stream.

4.  What are you loving?

I am loving a great cup of tea.  My puppy, Ruby (see picture on right side bar).  A great pair of stretchy jeans that are very comfortable.  The emotional support of family and friends while I heal from a leg injury.

I am loving that size acceptance/body diversity/body acceptance is becoming more main-stream and us women can learn to accept ourselves the way we are and not feel we have to apologize in subtle or overt ways for the way we look–knowing that comparing ourselves in any way to what the media portrays is real (us) vs fake (media–air-brushed, etc.).  Oh, and Pinterest.  Absolutely LOVE Pinterest–actually a bit addicted…

5. What are you wearing?

Lately, I’ve only been wearing comfortable clothes, pj’s, sweat’s, or above stretchy jeans.  With the leg injury it’s been a lot of lying on my back with my leg propped up on pillows.  I’ve been off work for a month and will probably be off a month more but will be starting to move more this next month to get prepared for returning to work in the new year.

6.  What are you creating?

With being laid up I’ve really had time and the desire to want to be creating as much as possible.  I always have creative projects of one type or another going.  I love to knit and crochet, but do a bit of sewing, collaging, etc.  With living in two different places and my leg injury I’ve been “stuck” at one place which does not have a lot of my wool or tools–I had a knitting needle care package sent to me though.

Anyways, in the last month, I’ve hand sewn three sets of small curtains for the windows upstairs in my domain at my mom’s.  I finished a shawl I had been working on for myself and am working on a pair of fiddlehead mittens from the same colors of wool.


I’ve also been playing a lot with nail polish.  My nails are growing quite a bit without having the daily trashing they normally would get.  Pinterest has a lot of great ideas…this is the latest…not really in love with it, but am having fun with the trying.


And I found my cross-stitch box in the very back of a cubbie and started working on a kit I had forgotten I had.

Cross Stitch

I’m trying to create a personalized daytimer–it’s hard to find one that has everything I want without lots that I don’t.  I use electronic reminders, but I still love the old school writing things down…planning.

And…lastly, I have been doing a bit of experimenting with meals to help my mom out a bit with the cooking.

7.  What are you looking forward to?

I’m sooo looking forward to being pain-free from my leg injury.  To working on walking and increasing my fitness level.

I’m looking forward to Christmas, seeing my extended family of cousins.  To see my friends that I haven’t seen in the last month…

A reunion planned for next summer with my uncles and cousins (and their grandbabies!) in the east  most of whom I haven’t seen in 20+ years and to meet the newest generation.

And so much more…



One response to “Kickin’ it Old Skool – Time Capsule

  1. Oh, Ceanne, so sorry to hear about the pain and leg injury…for whatever it is worth, I’m sending lots and lots of Reiki and supportive vibes your way. We’ll Kick It gently this month 🙂 Love that pic of your nails — I always look at ideas like that and other things on Pinterest, but hardly ever try and I know I’d end up on PinFail ha!! Nice to meet you and looking forward to Kickin’ It all month with you — gently 🙂

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