Kickin’ It Old Skool – #Selfie

This month I’m participating in a Blog-a-thon with Jamie and Suzie Ridler.  If you want to participate or find more information here, check it out here Kickin’ It Old School Blog-a-thon.

Here is a current selfie, taken December 1, 2013.

Selfie Dec 1/13

And here is picture, from “back in the day”…I thought I’d provide a high-school picture…yes, that was the 80’s, just before the big hair phase…


A bit about me…I am 48 years old (almost 49) and currently going through a phase of deciding what I want to be when I grow up.  LOL.  I think I’ve been in that phase for most of my life, lately I find myself  more frustrated with how my life has turned out to date and wanting things to be different.   I’ve made some radical changes in the last year…sold my house, moved all my belonging to the country and am living with my mother on the weekends.  She’s 81 years old and starting to get to the point of needing more help.  I believe she deserves to stay in her house for as long as possible and I want to help make that happen.

My hope is that this move will allow me some freedom of spending more time in nature, helping with diy at her house so that it can regain its former glory and also to rebuild our family cabin which is 15 minutes away.  I hope to move my job here within the next several months (I’m still living in the city during the week with a good friend) which will help with the income needed.

Then I hope to help the cabin become some form of sanctuary for creative pursuits…

Great to meet you all!


One response to “Kickin’ It Old Skool – #Selfie

  1. HI! Every forty-something woman I know is in a stage of figuring out what/who they want to be when they grow up. You are in good company!

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