Kickin’ It Old Skool – Weather Wednesday

At KIOS (#kickinit) today we are learning what the weather is like where our fellow Blog-a-thonners live.

Where I am it’s snowy, and CCC-O-L-D.  It’s been snowing the last couple of days, an inch or more each time.  Not much accumulation yet but it’s definitely here to stay until end of March/beginning of April.  It is also very cold for this time of year, -18ish and that’s what’s in the forecast for the next week too.

Here’s some pics I took this morning…went outside in the cold just for you all.  🙂

SnowAbove is a picture of my house in amongst the trees.

Snow 1Above is a picture taken towards the lake in town, just beyond the bridge (left hand of picture), although there is also a small basin just to my left on the other side of this road.

Snow 2And above is a picture of main street, small town, southwest Manitoba, Canada.

How’s the weather where YOU are???



3 responses to “Kickin’ It Old Skool – Weather Wednesday

  1. Wow, so very different from where I am in New York. It has been really mild this week, almost freakishly so.

  2. Oh goodness! Thank you for braving the cold just for us! Brrrrrrr! 🙂 Beautiful scenes with all that white…but I wonder if you feel about snow, the way I feel about rain here in the Pacific NW? It’s beautiful when it first starts but by the time it is raining sideways in March, I could just scream. 🙂

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