Kickin’ It Old Skool – Day 9 – Favorite Movies

Today at KIOS we are sharing our favorite movies.

This is a great idea!  I get to see what movies others have seen and see if there are any similarities to my favorite movies.

Here’s a list of my favorite movies… not in particular order:

1. Forest Gump – There was just something about this movie that I just loved.  It was a feel good movie in that Forest has some wonderful things happen in  his life.  I also loved how they wove Forest’s stories in history that was happening in the era the movie was representing.  It was also a very bittersweet movie as the ending wasn’t quite as happy as it could be.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life – I’ve watched this movie just about every year since I was a teenager.  I think so many of us would like to see how our choices affect our life–to be able to see the difference is unreal.  The ending of this movie hits me in my heart every time.  “To my brother George Bailey, the richest man in Bedford Falls!”.  Rich because he realizes just how many lives he has touched in a great way.  And I love it when the bell rings and Suzu says that an angel has gotten its wings.

3.  Die Hard – The first one.  I still remember how, when I watched this movie when it first came out, I was jumping all over the couch, sitting on it’s back…I couldn’t sit still just waiting to see what would happen next.  I found it so exciting!

4. Terminator – Also, so excited and nervous watching this movie, not knowing what was going to happen next.  The idea of the future coming back to the present time.  And then when the movie was over trying to wrap my brain around the idea of how John sent his father back through time to create him (John).  I couldn’t figure out when the “first” time was…wouldn’t it happen over and over???  Plus, I thought, great acting and action.

5. Ocean’s Eleven – Well…could be Brad Pitt, could be George Clooney–or both!  It was also the bad guys getting it in the end.  🙂

6. Harry Potter – all of them!  The acting was supreme and the way the movie so correlated to the books (which I have read time and time again) just put me into the feeling of the books–really brought the characters to life.

7.  Auntie Mame – It was a favorite when I first saw it as a teenager–my mom and I used to watch old movies together, movies from her era and I loved every minute of it.  I recently saw this one again and still found it enjoyable.

8.  Pretty Woman – I’m not usually a great fan of the “old romantic” movies, but this one really touched me.  I really love it when the good guys win!

9. New Iron Man series – I really love Robert Downey Jr. and his acting, but this story line was cool and I really enjoyed it.

10. New Sherlock series – Also because of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, but the cinematography was outstanding as well!

I probably forgot one or two but I think this is still a pretty comprehensive list of my favorites.

What are your favorite movies?


One response to “Kickin’ It Old Skool – Day 9 – Favorite Movies

  1. We watched It’s A Wonderful Life together here this holiday! They showed it big screen at our local theater, too, but my energy was crap and so we just watched at home. Oooooh, and Auntie Mame– “the secret is hoooonneeeeyyy!” Bwahahahaha! Love that movie, too. Hoping the new year is coming in with ease for you, Ceanne! Sending ❤

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