Kickin’ It Old Skool – Show and Tell

For Day 10 at Kickin’ It Old Skool we are doing an old school Show and Tell.

Today, I’ve brought pictures of two of my collection of Buddha’s.

Bronze BuddhaRed Buddha

I started my collection because of my paternal grandmother.  My gramma had a small collection of laughing Buddha’s, she loved the happy face and loved to rub his big belly.  The Buddha on the left is actually one of her collection.  I have a set of three Buddhas that were also hers, and several others I have collected because of some special feature that drew me to it–not any Buddha will do!

There was one other Buddha that my gramma had that she touched every day.  When she passed it went to my aunt (her daughter) who kept it in storage, when my aunt died, my cousin’s husband (my aunt’s son-in-law) decided that he wanted it for some reason although my cousin didn’t like it–thought it was ugly.  I found out several years later that my cousin and her husband gave away the Buddha to a neighbor because it was a sacrilegious symbol against Jesus Christ.  my cousin is a capital “C” Christian and her religion and faith is very important to her.  I understand that her faith, even if mine is different, but for many  years I was very angry about the fact that what I consider a family heirloom was just given away without checking with anyone else.

I have recently learned to let go of this, but only after I tried to find the Buddha and realizing that it has gone from our family and I HAVE to let it go.  I am a sentimental person, and my cousin is not so I have to forgive her and accept her for who she is.  I wish that people accept me the way I am and not hold grudges against me, so I have to let it go.

Plus, it’s what my gramma would have wanted, she would not have wanted something of hers to cause any rift in her family.  We were all very important to her.  I wasn’t cross with my cousin, it was just a low-simmering anger I had.  We did have a very small conversation about it once, when she told me by e-mail that she had given away–with tactfully differing opinions.

So, now I still collect Buddha’s in my gramma’s name and it helps me to remember such a wonderful lady who was very creative, funny (hilarious actually), and loved very big!  I feel like I am like her in a lot of ways…and hope she would be proud of me.



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