Kickin’ It Old Skool – Weepy Wednesday

Day 11 at Kickin’ It Old Skool is to share what makes up cry, what makes us bring the tissues out big time.

I am naturally a very sensitive person, but growing up the youngest of three children with two older brother’s who laughed at me whenever I cried or showed my sensitivities has made it hard for me to show my tears if I can help it at all.

However, there are certain things that ALWAYS make me cry no matter how hard I try:

1. When someone else is crying, I’m done, bring me the box of kleenex and my make-up is ruined.

2. Reunions – Probably because others are crying (see above) but I think because the emotions are so high when a long-lost brother is reunited with his sister he hasn’t seen since they were 10 and 12 years old.  And I LOVE reunions!

3.  Onions – for sure, I cannot chop one without tearing up, rubbing my eyes and getting mad because it hurts.  I keep onions in the fridge for this very reason–it seems to take the tearing effect away.  At Christmas however, when we make the turkey, my mother does not allow me to cool the onion–I finally gave up chopping the dressing onion…my mother does it now.

4. When I am really mad at someone and I’m trying to talk to them about  it–I get so frustrated because I’m trying to get my feelings across but crying so hard that it can make it almost impossible.  See comment about older brother’s…this can still happen when trying to talk to them too.

5. Weddings and other super happy moments.  I do try to hide it though.

6. Funerals of course…  😦

physical pain, emotional pain, sometimes during movies ( a couple of Sandra Bullock’s have really gotten me), births…

I know that I really am an old softie, and my closest friends know it too, and probably have seen tears in my eyes.  Only a few people (outside of family) have seen an all-out cry though.

What brings tears to your eyes??


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