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Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish for this summer?


Care melts when you kneel in your garden.  – Unknown


It’s been a few weeks since I participated in Wishcast Wednesday and I’m glad to participate again. 

I had a minor, elective surgery a few weeks ago and the recovery was a little harder than I expected and it really kind of stopped my world a little bit.

But…I’m pretty much back to “normal” again and touching base again!

This week, Jamie Ridler asks,

What do you wish for this summer?

It’s nice to take this time to reflect on my short-term goals and to put them in writing…what I wish for is:

  • Continuing on my health recovery journey by:  eating whole, fresh, and “real” foods, getting out on my bike and biking along the bike paths in the city while getting fresh air exercise, doing my reading and OA Working the Steps.
  • My garden to be cleaned of the weeds that are taking over a bit, the continual growth of my perennials and just playing in the dirt and puttering in my yard and gardens. 
  • I also have several pots with vegetables this year and I hope they grow into healthy, hearty plants that I can add to my salads.
  • I wish to continue the diy work that is needed on my house as my energy and money allows (lifting old, old carpeting, fixing the shower walls, painting walls on the main and upstairs, etc., etc.)
  • Seeing the first of the next generation children in our family getting married and celebrating with him and his new bride.
  • Enjoying the weather when it’s not too hot or raining and enjoying being indoors when it is.
  • Continual creativity by blogging, crocheting, dreamboarding, etc.
  • Spending time with my family and great friends.
  • And just enjoying “being”, living in the moment!

Funny saying I heard recently that made me laugh out loud and gave me a great visual to remind me to live in today…

When you have one foot in yesterday and one in the future then you can only p*ss on today! 

As you all wish for yourselves I wish along with you!


These eyes…

Wishcast Wednesday – How do you wish to sparkle?

The incredible Jamie Ridler has done it again!  Her Wishcast Wednesday prompt is right on the money!  (As usual!)

This week’s Wishcast prompt is:
How do you wish to *sparkle*?
The reason that this is such a good prompt for me this week, is that I am currently working on an upward rise of attitude, intention, consciousness…
The last few weeks (or even longer) have been a roller-coaster of emotions, thoughts, and energy.  I’ve made a few decisions about my life–one of them being joining a 12 step program in regards to my eating habits (or addiction as I’ve come to realize).  The first meeting was last night and it was good.  Another decision is to cut back on a lot of the things I was trying (unsuccessfully*) to take part in.  I’ve paired down to the most important things I wish to participate in or accomplish.
Which leads me to my *sparkle* list…
  • I wish that my new updated blog (coming soon) is sparkly, delicious, and inviting–and a place where others feel worthwhile spending a bit of time.
  • I wish to sparkle with my creativity–this year I’m going to do my first craft show, put on a few Dream Board workshops with a friend, and I might even have a creativity blog (working on that too!)
  • My 12 step journey–I know it will probably be fraught with lots of emotions, but my wish is that with the support of peers I will sparkle my way to a level of consciousness that I have yet to achieve.
  • I wish to sparkle with my relationships–that they are fun, easygoing, and enjoyable.
  • I wish to radiate sparkle!
Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them. – Russel H. Conwell

Intention: Plan

Every Monday, Andrea at ABC Creativity asks, “What do I need for this week?”

She states, “This is not about setting goals or creating to-do lists and working our tails off to achieve them. This is about taking some time to be quiet and still and ask “What do I need this week?” and setting an intention from there to align ourselves with that. It’s about paving the way for success, joy and dreams come true to find us throughout the week.”
This week, I feel I need to plan. I finally took the leap I discussed about a month ago (or longer) and turned off my TV channels as of last Friday.  So, I have more time on my hands to do the things I want to be getting done, but I don`t want to find another way to waste that time so I need to do some planning on how to spend this new precious time I have.
I know that some of the things that I want to be doing are:
– Reading
– Taking a bit more care of my home (I do keep it mostly okay, but maybe a bit tidier)
– Cooking `real`and `clean` foods – after my gallbladder attack I am cooking more and making salads, salad dressings from scratch, etc.  I will need to continue to do that.
– Listening to books on tape
– Walking or exercising — with my precious dog, Ruby
– Spending time on my creativity — I`ve actually had a few `commissions`of afghans to make so need to make the time to complete them (I would have normally worked on them while watching TV so will  now probably work on them while I listen to books on tape)
– Explore my creativity more–I like to try  new things
– Collaging and dream board(ing)
– etc.
Have a great week everyone!


Intention – Prosper

Andrea at ABC Creativity sends out a weekly reminder to set an intention for your week–but that is only the tip of the iceberg of what she does.  Check out her site, she’s fabulous!!

Last week my intention was to “move” into “being”.  Start to do some of the things that are going to serve me best as I move into my yearly intention of BE!–more on that in another post coming out this week.
I had set up a couple of rooms in my house to inspire my creative juices to get flowing–and they have.  I went swimming this week, had a friend over and we did collages together–and gabbed about…everything and nothing.
This week, my intention is to prosper.  I’ve done my budget for the next few months and it didn’t look good at all, so I’m cleaning out some items out of my house that I no longer use or need — and selling on kijiji
Plus I decided to sell baby blankets and afghans, other crocheted items.  I’ve had this plan for a long time but finally put up at least one ad here for baby blankets.  I’m going to do up some other posters and put them around as I love to crochet and people may want to buy them.
A friend and I are also pursuing doing Dream Board classes–we have a few times already lined up and we’re looking at other options too.  All of this has been practically filling my mind the last couple of days but I feel like I’m accomplishing things and “moving” in the right direction.
Thanks as always for listening/reading!
Have a wonderful week!

Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish for the New Year?

Jamie Ridler is the creator of Wishcasting Wednesday (to name just one of her many talents).  Here’s how to participate…

You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy. Answer the wish prompt on your blog and then add a direct link to your post in the box from the link above. Support wishes by visiting other participants, leaving a comment saying “As (insert name) wishes for her/himself, so I wish for her/him also.” It’s that simple. There is great power in wishing together. Let the magic begin!
What do you wish for the New Year?
I’ve been asked a few times over the last few days what my New Year’s Resolution is and for the first time since I can remember, I don’t really have a focus.  Many years ago, I stopped doing the list of 10 (or so) New Year’s Resolutions such as quitting smoking, losing weight, etc., etc, within such and such time.  Although, thankfully, I have quite smoking many years ago it was not due to a New Year’s resolution specifically.  So…quite a few years ago, I started New Year’s “Intentions”–usually one specific but more global thing that I could focus on for the year.  An example would be, “My Health”.  This has helped somewhat but not completely. 
As I said above, this year I hadn’t really gotten around to thinking about my Intention(s) for 2011, but I thank Jamie for being a catalyst to get my mind working after my week’s rest. 
I do have wishes and dreams that are always on my mind–just not one specific thing.  So…What I wish for the New Year–2011 is:
  • Improved health–actually, I’d love to have fabulous health in 2011!
  • I wish to increase my wealth and pay down/off debts
  • I wish to have increased energy for life
  • I wish for increased vitality
  • I wish to wake each day knowing it will be a fabulous day
  • I wish to talk to myself with positive, loving words
  • I wish to be a great friend
  • I wish to be loving and accepting of my family
  • I wish to be successful, in whatever I focus my mind on
  • I wish for mindfulness
  • I wish to create a meditation practice
  • I wish to focus my creativity inward to inspire my best life (vision boards, authentic creations, etc.)

(Kind of looks like Resolutions to me???, oh well…)

Today, I spent the day organizing and tidying a couple of rooms in my house, which I hope will help me with how I will spend my time on my dreams and wishes.  Both of these rooms face west so have delicious afternoon sunshine and light in them. 
Instead of having a dedicated spare bedroom, I have moved the spare bed (a futon actually) down to my basement rec room.  I have then made one room a dedicated office-slash-craft room.  I have the desk facing my window for great light when working on my creative projects.  When I wish to use my laptop I can put that on my desk and type away.  But, since it’s a laptop I can move it anywhere in the house so my “office” is just where my paperwork is stored.  Most of the room is dedicated to my creative juices.  It’s not a super colorful room, but it I really like how it’s set up right now–roomy and everything has a place to go.  It needs a new paint job and the wall-paper from the previous owner should probably go now, but…here it is…
I also moved all (okay, most) of my books into one room where I can have quiet time to read and reflect.  I’ve also decided this will be the room that I can do my vision/dream boards in–supplies are kept in the old-fashioned looking suitcases on the floor and in the closet.  In these photos, you also get a look at my love–my precious dog, Ruby–the spot she’s sitting on was supposed to be for the cats, but I guess with the suitcases on the floor, she can reach it…This room also needs a paint job as it’s been through a few changes of what it’s meant for–I still love the color–sage green–just needs to be updated.  The chair is also deceptive, it’s actually as big as a love seat, so it’s been renamed the “love chair” by my friends–very comfortable.  I think I’ll try my meditating in this room too.

I wish for these rooms to provide the inspiration and quiet space for me to focus my energies to continue to move into my best life!

Tomorrow I will be doing my first vision board of the year with Jamie’s question this week of “What will you say to yourself whenever you look in the mirror this year?

As you all wish for yourself, so I truly wish for all of you!!
Thank you!


Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish for your creativity?

Jamie Ridler’s Wishcast question this week is – What do you wish for your creativity?

As usual, Jamie has asked a perfect question that turns me inward to think about what I’m doing with my life and where I wish to be…
Ahhh!  Creativity…I just love that word!   Sometimes I feel strong enough in my confidence around my creativity to actually feel like an artist–yes, I said the “a” word.
But because of the life I live, by day an office worker–which I also love–and by night a creative person, I often feel not deserving of the word “artist”.
I guess there is some part of me who believes if I lived in some downtown loft with cement walls and surrounded by colors, living a “bohemian” lifestyle, my hair in dreadlocks, wearing overalls.  I know I’m being silly now, but there’s also a part of me who would LOVE to be living that lifestyle too.
But…I know that I need the schedule of my office job, the ability to shuffle paper, the opportunity to be of service to those in my workplace who benefit by the work that I do to make their jobs easier.  I also, however, need the freedom to be creative in my home time.
I also feel I need to live in suburbia–where I am most comfortable–being closer to nature, having a large yard to garden in, visit neighbors over the fence, feeling a measure of safety, etc.
So…to finally answer the question, what do I wish for my creativity?
  • I wish for the continued freedom to be able to create what I wish–and to have multiple projects on the go.
  • I wish for the confidence every day to call myself an artist.
  • I wish for the confidence to start selling the items I create on a regular basis.
  • I wish to find my creative niche for selling–I have so many varied creative interests, mediums, etc.
  • I wish to have my global recognition for my creations.
  • I wish…
What do you wish…