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Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish to envision?

Another great Wishcast Prompt from Jamie Ridler.

What do you wish to envision?

This prompt is so on point for me right now as I am working on envisioning my abundant life–I seem to have some blocks as “stuff” keeps coming up (falling off my bike twice in the past few days, someone hit my truck, debts). But…I’m trying to let my anxiety just wash over me, let the pain (and bruises) from the falls fade easily and quickly–my inner 5-year-old still wants to whine though–, and envision (and know) that my life is abundant and prosperous. And, thankfully, there was no damage to my truck, the other vehicle got the worst of it–and my truck was parked in my driveway when it happened. The neighbor across the back lane forgot to put her hand brake on and…she feels worse than I do. I hope I was able to convince her that I’m not upset at all.

Those three things are my current “focus” as that’s what’s been in front of me lately but I also want to continue to focus and envision me living my best life–whatever that may look like, Spirit will guide me.

Thanks for reading as always.

Blessing to all!