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Wishcast Wednesday – What fun do you wish to have?

I love the prompts for Wishcast Wednesday–they really make me think about the life I’m leading and the life I’m moving toward.

Also, wanted to point out that I finally finished my Creative Dreamer 100 list–and I actually went more than 100! More to follow on that in a future post.

This a great question! But, of course, my mind starts thinking about what fun “feels” like. I think about fun being light, easy, flowing…And, unfortunately, that’s not how I feel right now. Not to say I haven’t had or don’t have fun, but it’s a reserved kind of fun.

So…to answer the prompt…I wish to have the light, free, and easy feeling of enjoying myself in many different circumstances–to let go of worrying how I look on the outside (or specifically, worrying about what others might think about what I look like) and just BE me!

And so it is!


It all began with a dream…

So, a friend of mine at my church – The Centre for Conscious Living, in Winnipeg, Manitoba – who is very creative, fun, and inspiring, started an adventure for people to sign up to (see her page on the sidebar, ABC Creativity). This adventure is called “Creative Dreamers”.

I signed on to do this a few weeks ago but have been “busy” with other things so haven’t had the time (or made the time) to start. Today, I took some time on my lunch break to start the ball rolling. I added a “list” to my sidebar and will keep my dreams listed there so they will be visible all the time!

I’m pretty excited, but noticed too that when I first started my preliminary list (that is written in my Visioning Journal) they were was not specific…”Increase my income”, “Find love”, etc. So…I’m redoing them slowly, thinking about each one and what it is I really want for each preliminary “dream”. As they become specific I’ll add them to my list on the sidebar.

That’s it for today. I really need to work on spending more time here–maybe that could be a dream?!?! I’ll add it right away!