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Intention – Heal

A big THANKS, as always, to the visionary Andrea from ABC Creativity for the reminder to set an intention of where we need to focus our energies for the week.

This week, it’s very clear what I need to do for myself and where my focus needs to be–I need to heal.
Last week I had back pain and stomach pain that turned out to be a gallbladder attack.  The pain was not the worst I’ve felt but it was up there–and it’s still with me a bit, but getting better each day, each hour.
I take this very literally as a wake up call from my body telling me that I need to take much, MUCH, better care of it than I have been–no more quick meals made up of over processed foods, no more junk food, no more fattening dairy (I’m already lactose intolerant–why I was pushing it, I don’t know!), sugar will need to go by the wayside as well.  Now, it good, whole, nutrient-filled, REAL foods – vegetables (that you actually might need to peel–not prepeeled), fresh fruits, foods that come from nature and still look like it!  I’ll even start cooking again–which I love to do, but have been procrastinating about– “I’m tired!” (imagine whining child there)
I really look at this as a blessing, it really could have been a worse reaction from my body.  And…it’s not like my body hasn’t been telling me in many subtle and not so subtle ways already to “TAKE CARE OF ME!”  So…the kick in the ass…
And, as I said, I am very grateful for it!
So, here’s to healing physically, but also spiritually, and emotionally which will lead to my continued thriving in this life!