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Weekly Intention – Joy

TheFantabulous Andrea Schroeder from ABC Creativity sends a reminder every week to set an intention. I’m so very grateful for people like her who help to remind me of where I’m heading!

Last week, my intention was to luxuriate in my rest and enjoy the energy when it came and I pretty much have followed that.  My house is slowly coming together–not that it’s that bad, just not quite where I want it to be and a few more days and it should be back to “normal”–whatever that is.
I also had an intention of looking for and being “joy” and I also had a few moments of that too. I set up my Christmas tree–and I really love it!  This year I didn’t use garland or ribbon just all of my tree decorations and covered the branches!  I think it’s great!
And…I never do this but when I saw this outfit at the dollar store, could not help myself…
This is a picture of my dog, Ruby.  She definitely brings joy into my life.  She is the sweetest temperament, full of joy–always has been.  She is confident, happy, and loving–just like I wish to be, well, am getting there.
So, I will continue to look for joy wherever it may be.  Inside of me and around me.
Have a great week!

Weekly Intention – Luxuriate, Joy

Andrea Schroeder sends out a reminder every week to set an intention for the upcoming week.

Here’s mine this week…
If you’ve been reading for a while, then you know that I’ve been struggling with exhaustion and low-energy for a while.  I’ve found out why I’ve been so tired (sleep apnea) and have been given a CPAP machine to help with that.  Although there has been some progress it hasn’t been as fast as I would have liked.  So…this week, instead of being frustrated with the progress I’m going to luxuriate in my rest so that I really enjoy it and also relish the energy that comes in fits and spurts lately–so that I wring every second of joy out of that too!
My house is slowly coming together again.  When I was so tired it was hard to keep up with the tidying, etc.  It’s not TOO bad but not where I’d like it to be, but it’s getting there.  I’m going to enjoy the clean and tidy rooms around my house too.
And…I’m going enjoy the process of setting up my Christmas tree and putting out my decorations.  I have ALWAYS LOVED the Christmas season and the joy, peace, and spirit of it.  But over the last few years that has stopped for several reasons.  One of them is because the spiritual practice I was following didn’t really support/follow it.  The other is more personal…when I was a child I LOVED Christmas, I used to get so excited that I could hardly sleep and very seldom slept well on Christmas Eve.  I would wake in the morning and sneak downstairs to see what Santa had brought me and play quietly (I think I was quiet), until the rest of the family was up. 
I guess I really just felt so loved by the presents I received and was so excited to see what had been wrapped up just for me.  Also, it was a time of family.  We spent the time with cousins, aunt, uncle and much loved grandparents.  When my grandmother died, a big part of Christmas died with her for me–our family just didn’t seem to know how to fill the void she left behind.  Either at Christmas or any other time of year.  She was a woman filled with the joy of her family and also loved Christmas and would be as excited as I was.  Over the years, my brother’s and I have gotten older and set in our ways and the joy has gone out of the Christmas time.  I don’t know how to bring it back–well, I can’t bring it back for my family, but I can for myself.
So, here’s to the joy of the season.  I’m going to decorate my house this week in all my crazy decorations and my work cubicle.  Because I LOVE to do that, it’s one way I share the joy of the season with others.  And…I’m going to do some baking, and all of the other things I used to do to relish in this time of year.
Okay…now I feel like going out and buying presents…
With joy in my heart…