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Weekly Intention – Leap

Thanks again to Andrea for the reminder how important it is to set an intention…

So, this week, I think I need to take a leap into unknown territory. 
When I came home from work on Friday, my TV, phone, and Internet had been cut off due to a miscommunication with my service provider.  I was mad about the miscommunication as I couldn’t do anything to fix it until Monday but after I had some time to think about it, I realized that about a week ago I had mentioned, “I think I need to have my TV turned off.”  Divine intervention???  I think so…
I find I just spend too much time in front of the TV wasting a big chunk of my life.  I’m addicted to it…I know it.  Even this weekend, I had to have “something” on the TV–I rented a couple of movies from the Library or had a relaxation DVD on.  Not all the time, mind you.  Just periods, when I sat down to rest–because I also found I was more productive, finding odd jobs to do around the house. I call this meandering around the house, tidying, cleaning, and organizing “puttering” because I’m not in my usual “cleaning frenzy”, it’s actually very peaceful and then a sense of accomplishment when I’m done a particular task.
Today, I talked with my service provider, figured out what the miscommunication was and had the services put back on again.  But…I don’t think I should have.  Actually, it’s only the Internet I think that I “need” right now.  The TV I’m addicted to and the phone is useful, but not necessary as I have a cel phone.
The next bill is coming out tomorrow and, according to the service provider is another huge amount.  And, since I also want to save money, I think I’m going to take a leap and get my TV and possibly my land line turned off.
I’m scared, so that’s my leap, learning to spend time alone without too many visual and mental distractions.  Maybe this, seemingly HUGE leap will lead to other great things in my life.  I think it will…which is another reason I’m scared.
Thanks for listening.