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Wishcast Wednesday – What hunger do you wish to feed?

Thanks so much to Jamie Ridler for creating Wishcasting Wednesday–it has been one of the most healing experiences of the last year for me.  If you’re looking for a place to do some soul searching and have a wonderfully supportive group of creative and loving people behind you, check it out!!

This week’s prompt…

What hunger do you wish to feed?
When I first looked at this question, I had to kind of laugh because I’m actually going through a medical situation where I am hungry but can’t feed it…
It seems that’s all I’m talking about.  I had a gallbladder attack last week and have had to seriously curtail the type of eating I have been doing–no fats, sugar, processed foods, dairy, white flour, etc.  All of the types of foods I have been eating in my unconscious lifestyle.  So, I’ve been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, rice, oatmeal, etc.  The attack is mostly over, near as I can tell, the pain in my stomach, back, and shoulder is gone and I can move around without pain. 
And, I’m very, very grateful for my body for letting me know just how unhappy and unhealthy it has been.  I’m sure it was telling me in so many subtle and not so subtle ways and finally had to resort to something big to finally get through to me.  “you need to take care of me!”
I have been hungry for and have cravings/desires for the junk but I know I cannot do that to my body, mind, and soul any longer–one of the reasons being that if I do, I’ll have to have my gallbladder out and I do believe we’re created with organs for a purpose and I don’t want to have anything removed that doesn’t HAVE to be. 
Since I’ve been eating so many clean foods I actually am feeling better, have more energy, feel lighter, mentally clear, and am sleeping better (even without my CPAP machine).  Amazing how we can be so conscious and unconscious at the same time…
Okay, so on to Jamie’s question, the hunger I really, REALLY want to feed is to create my best life…I have been doing a lot of work towards that but I am definitely a work in progress.  But I am finally starting to set my life up to succeed.  This week, I finally decided to pull the plug on my cable TV (as of this coming Friday). I’ve said it before, I spend waaaaaayyyyy too much time in front of the TV mindlessly watching life happen on the TV and not participating in mine.  I wish and hope that my stopping sitting in front of the TV screen will provide me with the energy and desire to do things such as:
  • Going for walks with my sweet, beautiful dog–Ruby (picture below)–she loves to walk so much and is such a great dog she deserves to have the best life too and she deserves more involved attention too.
  • Just move my body more, period.
  • Spend more time reading so many of the books I have purchased over the years–the knowledge has not come to my through osmosis so must read them ;o)
  • Do more creative work–I have so many started projects that are not completed.  They weigh on my mind.
  • Explore my creativity more.
  • Have space/time for my mind to be creative about my future–make plans/have goals.
  • Stop procrastinating about the things that need to be done around the house.
  • Spend time with friends–what a novel idea, getting out in public.
So the hunger I wish to feed is to be a participant in life–my life and the life around me.
If you do not take care of your body, where will you live?  – Unknown
A high quality/authentic life has more to do with what you take out of your life than what you add to it.  – Cheryl Richardson
(isn’t she the cutest???)

To all Wishcasters:  As you wish for yourself, I truly wish for you as well!!