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Wishcast Wednesday – How do you wish to nourish yourself?

Another perfect wish prompt from Jamie Ridler on today’s Wishcast Wednesday

How do you wish to nourish yourself?

Again, this week’s prompt is right where I have been trying to focus myself.

I  have realized that I need to really focus on loving myself.  In a world where we are constantly bombarded by images that have been adjusted to fit some ideal that the media has decided is ideal, it can be hard to look at ourselves in the mirror and just love what’s there–especially when it is considerably NOT like the media’s image of ideal.

I wish to nourish myself by loving the body that I have, “flaws” and all.  This body, this prize provided me for my human experience is a miracle–and logically and in faith, I know that.  I need to continue to nourish my body with the love that it needs to feel accepted.  This, I believe, is one of the key things that is missing in my life right now–real self-love, extreme self-acceptance.

I wish to nourish myself by allowing myself to just be me…and let go of other’s ideas of who I’m supposed to be.  And know that other’s can have their opinions but they don’t need to challenge me, because I know that I’m okay the way I am.

I wish to nourish play, gracefulness, ease, and joy–I spend so much time “in my head” or focusing on what I need to do–or what I haven’t done–that I tend to lose track of just enjoying the moment.  Play with my dog Ruby, dance around the house, sing at the top of my lungs, walk for joy in nature instead of needing to “get that exercise” and walk for a certain length of time or mileage.

Have a wonderful day!