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Wishcast Wednesday – What do you wish to say "Yes!" to?

A new year and a great new Wishcast prompt from Jamie Ridler.  If you’d like to join in to this great supportive group of Wishcasters check it out.

What do you wish to say “YES!” to? (Jamie didn’t put the word yes in caps and in quotes with an exclamation mark, but I think it should almost always be seen this way.)
Over the holidays I watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey, although it perhaps didn’t have the best script, for me it had meaning.  I could see in myself the “no” person Jim Carrey’s character was before going to see a motivational speaker and making a covenant to say “YES!” to every opportunity that came his way. 
Now, I love Jim Carrey for a couple of reasons, first he’s Canadian ;o).  Second he believed so much in himself that, when his family was struggling to make ends meet, he wrote himself a check for a million dollars knowing that he would cash it some day–and he did, and then some!  Third, his spiritual philosophy, near as I can tell, is very close to mine–it’s somewhat loosely based on the Law of Attraction and that every “person, place, and thing” are all part of the Universal energy that we can all create with./from  He’s got a better handle on the creation part than I do at this point…
So, all this to say is that I wish to start saying “YES!” to more opportunities that come my way, which is also another way of saying “YES!” to living, which also has to do with my One Little Word of the year, BE!.  (okay, stomach dropping, feeling a bit scared because…well…because…). 
Wish still stands!


For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.
– Dag Hammarskjold

Intention – Move!

Thanks as always to Andrea from ABC Creativity for the weekly reminder to set an intention.

Last night I spent some time thinking of my One Little Word for 2011 and came up with “BE!”  Last year I spent waaaaayyyyy too much time really not accomplishing anything–a lot of time in front of the TV being tired and cranky.  Yesterday I spent the day getting my two creative rooms ready for me to start my engines running.  When I look at the rooms, they make me happy–see yesterday’s post for pictures.  They may not be much to anyone else, but when I look at them and see how spacious my creative room is to allow my creative juices to flow–and how cozy and comfortable my den is to allow me to relax and just “BE!” I just feel more energetic.

I just want to talk more about my word for the year, it is “BE!” but that is just a prefix for so many other words that I want to be this year as well (where needed, I’ve included a brief description):
– being
– belay – secure
– belive – by and by
– because (I can)
– believe
– becalm (soothe)
– on behalf of (myself)
– behave (the way I want to)
– bedazzle – beautify/impress
– beget – produce
– begin
– behaviour
– behind (support)
– behold (beauty)
– and the list goes on (I’m still working my way through the dictionary)  ;o)

When this came to me it just felt right–I want to “BE!!”  The word “DO!” was a close second or “Focus!” but “BE!” included it all.

As for this week, I want to begin to move into the direction of being.  Today, I’m spending the day collaging, dreaming, journalling, and listening to music–right now it’s Celtic (which, for me, is energetic and soothing all at once).  I also want to start moving my body more–yes that “exercise” word.  I want to start dancing around my house like I used to–to feel the joyous movements and feel the music flow through me.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!