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Wishcast Wednesday – How do you wish to spend some time?

This week’s Wishcast is How do you wish to spend some time?   As usual, Jamie Ridler has asked a perfect question that has me reaching inside to touch base with my authentic self.  I am so grateful for these weekly reminders.

I have tended in the distant and not too distant past to spend a lot of my time unconsciously–watching TV, playing computer games, eating mindlessly, and so on.
I have often made attempts to spend more of my time in consciousness, but have repeatedly gotten off course.  I am again, slowly, and with baby steps, working on creating more conscious time with myself and the world around me.  To do this I have set aside Sundays as “Sacred Sundays” (it is a beautiful description, but I cannot take credit for the name–only my intention of the day).  My intention is to spend Sundays as my one day a week away from all technology except if it is in furtherance of my spiritual path–whatever that may be.  That means, TV is off unless playing on one of the meditative music channels — The Spa for instance.  And the computer is off, unless I’m writing on my blog–which I consider very conscious thought–or research in regards to spirituality.  The rest of the day is to be spent reading some of the many (dozens, or more) books I have on the topic of spirituality, listening to meditation Cd’s in the hope of spending time meditating, and in thought.  Last Sunday was my first one and it was a great day–my cup was definitely filled!
So, to clarify my wish…I wish to spend some time (at least) in consciousness or mindfulness.  My goal is to get to the point that this is done at least every day, if not many times a day, but..as I said…I’m taking baby steps.
A quote I feel is fitting…(I LOVE quotes!!)
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.  – Marcel Proust